Welcome to Prand Play Center

Prand Play Center is situated in the beautiful suburb of Constantia. The buildings, the teachers and the school program work harmoniously together to assist create the warm feeling of a second home for your child. The school runs out of a beautiful cottage that we have adapted to encourage warmth and love.

All our teachers are exceptionally caring and nurturing human beings with a special love for children. Our curriculum is presented to the children in a manner that allows for a steady balance between playing free, interacting socially and teaching the children active learning. This delicate balance allows us to create a non-threatening environment for the children so that they feel free, confident and comfortable. At Prand Play Center we strive to provide all children with a positive first experience of school life. We are fully aware that children who feel loved and happy will be inclined to develop a positive self-image and this is one of the most important developmental aspects for young people.
Our children being Prand Play Center at the age of two years old. We view this responsibility and an enormous privilege for us. Our program runs over 3 years and is specifically designed for children aged between 2-5 years of age.

More about Prand Play Center

Prand play centre is most kids first ever school experience. Its also the first time for them to form friendships and bonds with both teachers and other students. We are very much aware of the importance of this experience and how a positive or negative experience can impact the child’s potential to learning. We strive to offer every child a happy first school experience to ensure a positive attitude for future learning.

We know that each child is unique, with unique needs and unique experiences. We strive to create a warming environment for each child where he or she can reach their full potential. Our school program at Prand Play Center is well- balanced. We know how today’s world is fast paced with more pressures placed on children to undertake more and more formal learning at early ages. Through previous experience, we know that difficulties which may arise later in schooling, can be prevented by ensuring that the child’s perceptions, thinking skills and problem solving abilities are often challenged and practiced at an early age. These skills are essential for success in later learning and we strive to provide children the means to develop these skills.

Our three-year school programme are based on the principles that children learn by physically experiencing new things. Our program is made up of activities such as music, art, drama, fantasy and movement. Our ability to develop children both on a sensory and perceptual level assist to  equip your child for the pressures of big school and provides the opportunity for them to succeed and grow.

We use Movement and music to promote learning in the brain and these activities are regularly used in many of our other learning areas. We offer a planned daily schedule but children still have the freedom to naturally move between activities as they see fit. We believe that young children should be taught in a flexible environment so we strive to create a gentle balance between work and play.

Each student in the class has the opportunity to create their own messy art in the art room. Children are also encouraged to move between activities and play time. Our classes are fully equipped with puzzles, toys, books, dolls, cars, farm animals, dinosaurs and games to stimulate memory. All children are free to play with any of these items as they see fit. Our fully enclosed garden is very safe with plenty of shade on offer for the kids. Outside we offer a wide range of equipment – tricycles and bikes, jungle gyms and monkey bars to play on, swings, sandpits to dig in, beautiful tree’s to climb and even a secret garden.




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