Michael Oak Waldorf School is a nursery, primary and high school situated close to Kenilworth Station, the school currently has over 400 pupils and operates from stunning school grounds in tranquil surroundings.
The school follows the principles as laid out by the Steiner education group, which focuses on teaching children according to their individual needs as opposed to a strict curriculum.
Michael Oak Waldorf School was established in 1962 as a single house in Rosmead Avenue. The House was bought by parents on an auction and thus the first classroom with 15 pupils was born. As time went by and the school grew, more classrooms were built followed by a school hall. Later, the parents bought the neighbour's home and the kindergarten was established. Continued growth ensued and today, parents, staff and pupils form a vibrant school community where our teachers are known to love and inspire.
Michael Oak Waldorf School is also a registered independent school and a member of the Independent Schools Association in South Africa.

Our Goals

We aspire to provide boys and girls with an education that embraces race, colour, creed and class and to maintain a loving and supportive learning environment. We strive to educate each pupil in an all-encompassing manner so that he or she may reach their full potential.  At Michael Oak we aim to send well rounded and respectful people out into the world so that they may take on the challenges of the working world. We emphasize the following skills:
- Self-confidence, enthusiasm, curiosity
- Creative problem solving
- Social skills and a sense of responsibility;
- We emphasize the ability to forge relationships, love life, love learning and have faith in the future.

Education at our School

Education at Waldorf is geared toward providing children a rich, challenging and warm experience. We endeavour to fulfil each and every child’s needs fully and inspire life long learning. Every subject taught needs to captivate and inspire the child. At Michael Oak Waldorf Education is designed to be harmonious with the childs needs. Patience is exercised by our staff so that children can emerge from our school with confidence and enthusiasm, at their own pace.

Sport, Art and Drama

We don’t unfortunately have an extensive sport field but we do offer basketball, volleyball, gym, netball, table tennis and tag at the school. We have also recently incorporated swimming lessons at the nearby Voortrekker High School.
Art, Music and Drama play a very important part in our curriculum and as such are not really thought of as extra mural activities. We have a full time piano teacher and as many of our students elect to study music, the Beau Soleil Music School is also situated nearby.

The School

Boys at work

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