We have been caring for kids since 1986!

Mary Poppins Children's Centre is a preschools situated in Wynberg, Cape Town. Our school provides excellent day care services for children from 2 years of age until grade R as well as an after school care facility for kids up until grade 7. As our school all children are cared for lovingly by experienced and dedicated staff who partake in a wide range of fun activities with all the children daily.

What you as a parent can expect from us:
All our parents receive weekly agendas so as to enable them to continue discussions with their children at home after the school day has concluded.  This agenda is vital as it enables parents to always know what their kids are doing on a daily basis in the classroom.
All our children receive 4 progress reports throughout the year, as well as a large report at the end of each term. We also encourage our parents to attend WIP mornings so that they can see their children’s work in the class room as well as review their work books and chat with the school teachers. 

Meals at Mary Poppins Children’s care center:
All our children enjoy daily meals which are both delicious and nutritious. We also provide pudding 3 times weekly to day care students. During the later time  in the day we serve a selection of delicious whole wheat sandwiches, fruit and juice to our pupils.

Activities at Mary Poppins for Day Learners:
Movement, music and singing
Themed group Discussions
Art & Educational Activities including games and puzzles
Story time and fantasy
During summer we offer swimming mornings and water play time
Playtime and outings

Our grand Market Days and Cake Sales:
During the year, we offer a variety of events at Mary Poppins Day Care Center to raise money for the school as well as charity. These grand events include Market Days and some delicious Cake Sales. The funds raised are either donated to ‘Tear’s the charity that we support which offers shelter to animals or is used at the Mary Poppins School directly. Our market days are very successful, at our previous event we managed to raise over R5000,( part of which was donated to Tears).

Group shot

Liams Food

 Kids eating

Bake Sale

More kids eating