Little Blessings is a stunning little farm school situated in Constantia. The school operates on a vast open space which allows our kids the opportunity to run and explore the surrounding nature at their own pace. We offer the children a safe, loving and caring environment. At little blessings we aim to develop each child in accordance with their own needs and follow the Montessori program. We celebrate cultural diversity and aim to create a supportive atmosphere using powerful learning tools to innovate and teach.


Circle time is a group activity where we teach children social skills. We always welcome the children with song and discussing topics such as days of the week, months of the year and the various seasons. We also ead Bible stories to the children and have a prayer time.

Cognitive Skills

This is what we deem as the children’s focus time where we build puzzles and play matching games. We also follow the typical Montessori program which covers practical life, sensorial development, math, language, movement and cause and effect.

Little Blessings Make and Bake

On Fridays we alternate between baking and making. When the children bake they prepare meals, mix, measure, pour and wait to eat their delicious meals. During making we undertake art projects and various group work.

Monkey Nastix

Monkey Nastix is an extra-mural activity which are run by a facilitator. Monkey Nastix encourages children to discover the world of movement with their bodies. This is a fun and highly entertaining movement education for the children.


After the children have their lunch we have story time, a calm the kids down before they sleep. We empower the children by allowing them turns to select a story for the day.

Kids outside

Kids Standing by the wall

Babies Sleeping