Established in 1972, Lea Pre Primary is an independent school situated in Rodebosch Cape Town. Our Executive Committee is our schools governing body and is responsible for the financial management of Lea Pre Primary as well as maintenance and upkeep of the property and school equipment.

Lea Pre Primary Mission

Our mission is to make children value themselves as well as value each other and learn mutual respect. We strive to develop a fun and loving environment for the kids so that they may grow into motivated and adaptable young people,

Lea Pre Primary Aim

At our school we aim to work with parents in order to provide their children the best education and best start in life. We endeavour to ensure that your child´s potential is fully that education is jointly carried out between ourselves and the parents so as to cultivate a sense of family into the school.

We ensure that all our teachers are well trained, enthusiastic and motivated to develop the young children both mentally, physically and socially in our care. We strive to make our kids feel happy and content in the school environment and offer both a challenging and stimulating experience to each of them. We aim to constantly build and grow previous learnings of your child and introduce him or her to new concepts. We also encourage the children to learn for themselves at their own pace with our problem solving games and techniques.

We recognise that children have sensitive feelings and that they need positive encouragement and equal opportunities. We endeavour to teach the children that there are a wide range differences in language, culture and religion within South Africa and that they must respect each other’s differences. We do provide a Christian environment at Lea Pre Primary to the children but do make provision for other religions. 

Our Bursary Fund

Mrs. McFadyen was the principal of our school from 1976 -2004. The The Margie McFadyen Bursary Fund was established in recognition of her hard work and contribution to the school.
A limited number of these bursaries are available and applications must be submitted to the school during October for the following year. Bursary and bursaries are subject to available funds.


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