Kildare is a Pre-Primary situated in Newlands, Cape Town and was established in 1968. The school is situated in building owned by St Andrew's Church.  We are an independent, co-ed school which encourages diversity.
At Kildare we aim to love and stimulate all of our children and teach them independence through an all-encompassing educational program. We aim to promote growth and learning through play.
Our Kildare Staff
We are lucky to 12 amazing members of staff. Our staff comprise a principal, 3 qualified teachers, 4 teaching assistants, a bursar, secretary, caretaker and kitchen supervisor.

Kildare’s Governing Body
Our Principal is assisted by a Governing Body of 6 members, who may or may not be members of the school. This governing body controls finances, selects staff and sets school policy.

School Hours and Programs

For the younger group school hours are from 07h50-12h15. The older groups hours are from 07h50-12h30.

We encourage parents to bring their kids to our playroom so that they may play games or read a story book..

Kildare School Program

We offer an exciting, stimulating and carefully structured school program aimed at nurturing the kids on an intellectual, creative and social level. We also encourage physical activity and play.

07h50      This time is allocated for the children to free play.
08h30      Our morning bell rings. Children are exposed to news, themed discussions and learning.
09h00      This time is used by the children for creative indoor activities, then free play indoors or outdoors follows.
10h00      Our children are then exposed to tidy up time, washing routine, music and movement.
11h00      At 11am the children are allocated play time where they can play indoors, outdoors and explore nature.
11h45      Tidy up time and educational games time
12h00      Teachers use this tie to tell the kids a story
12h15      The younger group departs for home
12h30      The older group goes home

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