Welcome to Forres Preparatory

Welcome to our school at Forres Preparatory School we are a progressive, co-educational school committed to providing exceptional education to every child. We are a preparatory situated in the heart of Rondebosch, Cape Town and strongly believe that children are unique. Forres prep comprises an outstanding team of passionate teachers, caring parents and fantastic children who just love our school. Our children thrive in this challenging, yet loving family focused environment.

The Forres Vision

We are a school committed to excellent, connected and relevant education. We honour and encourage diversity whilst creating safe environment where children feel a sense of belonging. We strive to prepare our kids to meet today’s challenges both socially, emotionally and academically.

Our Way

We are strongly involved with our children and mastery of knowledge. What is also important is that children not only master knowledge but also master themselves. We firmly believe that worldly success is not just dependent on academia, but also emotional intelligence and compassion
To this point we offer a variety of themes and encourage various projects at the school and school events. In hope for a better future and making a difference in the world, we strive to achieve the following:
- Community outreach
- Encouragement of diversity
- Becoming what we deem as a ‘Thinking School.’
- Resilience to negativity
- Eco Schools and Behaviour Management

Our Roots and Shoots Program

We are the first registered member in the Western Cape of the International Roots and Shoots program. This outreach program embraces a focus on the earth, a focus on Animals as well as a focus on People. Roots & Shoots is a non-profit organization part of the Jane Goodall Institute in South Africa. It is comprised of volunteers including young children, teenagers, young adults and adults.

At Forres our children are encouraged to be passionate about the environment and related concerns. Therefore our kids are involved with:
- Recycling and world environmental days.
- Gardening for sustainable living, indigenous gardening and sensory gardening.
- The Owl Box Project and Animal and Marine Awareness initiatives
- Volunteering and supporting homeless shelters, feeding disadvantaged children and caring for the old.

Kids learning

Kid playing violin


Kids at window

Kids Roots and Fruits