In 1983 the Eastry pre-school was established to provide parents with quality care and exceptional schooling for their young ones. The preschool is situated in Claremont, Cape Town and have a team of fully qualified staff which are fully competent in delivering quality education and warming love to all children in our school.
The school comprises three main buildings and we have a total of 5 fully functional classrooms. We also have three play areas for the children. Our classes are made up of the Bunnies, Squirrels, Bees and Birds and children are separated according to age. We also provide after care services for children in primary school as well as a holiday care program. Furthermore, we offer a bus service to the surrounding area.

The Eastry Preschool offers quality education for your child as well as exceptional extra murals which will keep them stimulated and entertained. We provide the children with a weekly theme and all activities revolve around the given theme for that week. These themes afford kids at our school the opportunity to learn vital skills needed for the next step in their schooling careers. We also provide extra mural activities that are optional, including Swimming, Ballet, Karate, Monkey Nastics (a type of gym exercise), Clay and Computer lessons.

The Eastery also offers outings each term for our children as well as puppet and music shows. We also have a weekly 'baker man' day which is used for our kids to share their eats and treats with one another. A concert is also held at the end of the year for our parents to watch their little one perform. 

Our Extra Murals : Cyberkids

CyberKidz is a leading curriculum specifically to introduce children to the world of computers in a non-threatening, fun and interactive way. We are lucky that we are able to offer this extra mural to our children. Interactions with computers have massive benefits for children of all ages, including increasing their concentration, hand eye co-ordination and reasoning. The Cyberkids
curriculum is tailor-made to grow the child, and positively enables them to gain the necessary skills needed to operate within the information age.

Children are taught the basics of Operating Systems and working with Microsoft Windows, the fundamentals of Software which utilizes computer graphics, art, music, videos and gaming. Each child also learns how to operate a keyboard and mouse.

Our Extra Murals: Monkey Nastix

Monkey Nastix is a gym program that trains children flexibility, balance, strength and agility.
We are cognisant of the fact that from birth children need to develop their muscles and co-ordination and are required to develop a range of movements. With Monkey Nastix children are presented with a range of different exercises, movements and positions thereby developing them physically. This movement program is fun, entertaining and challenging and motivates the children to keep practicing movement in order to become successful. We are lucky to offer Monkey Nastix as an extra mural activity for our children at the Eastery.