Welcome to Blue Balloon Preschool

We are a small Preschool situated in Plumstead and offer a friendly, homely atmosphere to our children. Our Qualified and talented teachers make sure that individual attention is given to each pupil and that the intellectual, social and emotional development of each child is fully fostered. Blue Balloon Preschool boasts a fully stocked library as well as a great selection of DVD's. There are also loads of toys for the kids to play with and a wide range of outdoor activities for them to partake in. The school also provides optional extra-mural’s which are offered by external suppliers unrelated to Blue Balloon.

General stuff about our school

Blue Balloon provide a grade R syllabus and ensure to provide all parents detailed quarterly assessments of their child’s performance. We also provide parents monthly newseltters to as to keep them abreast with happenings at the school. Furthermore, all our teachers are qualified in first aid.
At the end of the year Blue Balloon hosts an annual concert, prize giving and graduation ceremony for all the kids and parents.

Some other activities and interested points include:

  • Sand and water outdoor play
  • Jungle gym and swings for the children
  • School Outings on occasion
  • Days for kiddie dress ups.
  • Arts and crafts for the children.
  • Every Friday we have a Bakerman
  • T-shirts for our school are available to purchase as well as long-sleeved winter shirts.
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Picture 3
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