Barkly House Harfield is a Pre-primary situated in Claremont and is one of the oldest pre-primary schools in Cape Town. The school consists of an open plan layout and caters for children from 3 to 6 years of age. We believe that the best way for children to develop is through play and thus we offer a holistic approach to education. All our children (and parents) are loved and cherished.

Barkly House Philosophy

We offer a full 3 year program for our kids from aged 4 until 6.

Our mission statement:  "Every child is developed holistically through play to the best of their ability in a structured environment."

This forms the basis for all interactions, preparations and planning for the child at our school daily.

Our educational philosophy is extensive and based on the following principles:
Cognitive theorists-Piaget and Montessori,
Discovery theorist and the importance of the environment-Bruner
The importance of a teacher and Language development - Vygotsky.
Barkly House uses what is known as the integrated open plan method. This system is used in other countries such as England, America and Wales.

Characteristics of our teaching method include:

  • Space optimization in relation to the objects in it offer a positive learning environment.
    The environment is not threatening and comfortable for all children.
  • We offer the children role models to follow.
  • Various activities are undertaken in different rooms – we make use of a resource and an art room. 
  • Shop bought, teacher made and child made materials are used to stimulate the children. These are all used in a rational manner and order.
  • The school is cost effective as resources are used to optimal capacity
  • All children are encouraged to learn, develop and grow at their own pace
  • Teachers teach the children through play. This encourages kids to learn and discover when they are motivated to do so. Learning is also undertaken in small groups so that the teacher can focus on a few individuals only at a time.

Kids at Barkly school