The Principal at Airlie Country Preschool

Since 2010 Airlie country preschool has been managed by Mandy Welbourne. She established a long term relationship with the school and the members of staff as both of her kids attended the school prior to her acquisition. She gives school tours from 10h30 – 11h30 every Wednesday.

Airlie Vision

Foundations are laid at Airlie to ensure a successful transition into a formal school environment. We achieve this by presenting an exciting and wonderful learning environment to all children at our school. During your child’s time at Airlie Country Preschool he or she will obtain the knowledge, skills and values to allow them the opportunity to become confident and independent individuals.

Our Environment

We provide all children with a healthy, safe and secure environment. At our preschool, we strive to ensure that all staff and facilities are exceptional in terms of health, safety and security. We offer only the highest level of security, love and care for all children entrusted to us.

Our Classrooms

At Airlie Country Preschool our stunning classrooms are fully equipped with everything we need to ensure learning success. We have 2 full time teachers per class, (a teacher and assistant.) All classrooms are well stocked with everything that the kids need to facilitate learning and play.

Classes as follows for 2016:

  • Two Ladybird classes (2 - 3yrs) a group of up to 13 children
  • One Firefly class (3 - 4 yrs) a group of up to 16 children
  • One Busy Bee class (4 -5 yrs) up to 18 children

Our Daily Program

The program at Airlie differs for each age group and class. Children are welcome to arrive any tie between 07H30 and 09H00 as this is their outside free play time.
School officially starts at 09H00 after the school bell rings. We offer different themes on a weekly basis. After toilet training art time begins where children learn how to cut, glue, make paper Mache and construct boxes.

After art class, activity ring begins- this is a time set out for music, movement and physical exercise. Snack time follows thereafter. The children move out to our beautiful garden where they can play in the sand pits, on the jungle gym, race around our bike track (100 meter track) or visit the tortoise and animal pen. When they return after washing their hands they are treated to quiet ‘inside’ time and settle down for the teacher to tell them a story.

Lunch is served thereafter followed by toilet time and then nap time for the younger classes. At 14H30 children are woken up, dressed and ready for home time.

kids on boat outside

Peaceful environment

In the classroom

Outside jungle gym

Kids dancing