Valley Pre-Primary is a school in Scott Estate which was established back in 1986 by a group of parents. Our school is situated amidst beautiful trees and gardens. We are across the road from Kronendal Primary and only minutes away from the Hout Bay beach and surrounding shopping centres. Valley Pre-Primary’s peaceful, secured grounds provide safe, loving and caring environment for our 150+ students.

Along with our experienced teachers, the school provides perfect grounding for young minds as they prepare for Grade 1. At our school, learners are encouraged to develop self-motivation, self-confidence & positive self-esteem. They are also taught social skills, self discipline and responsibility. We encourage our children to take pride in their performance as well as solve problems and make decisions.

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Our philosophy is based on the principles of positivity. We aim to educate children to become independent, self-sustaining and mature. We encourage our children to make their own decisions and enable them to do so by teaching them creative problem solving. We also fully recognise that children are individuals that have different needs, and thus have developed a curriculum that reflects the needs of the individual kids.

We strive to develop a keen interest in learning and wonderment.


Valley Pre Primary Learning Areas

Our teaching methods embrace both traditional methods as well as modern technology. We teach the following learning area’s to our children: Science, nature, math, reading, art, fantasy, construction, educational games and micro activities.

We also provide weekly themes for our kids. The content of the themes is based on each child’s interest and ability. Each child is given tasks to carry out in the class which are designed to encourage ownership and lead him or her on the path to independence.

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