About our Durbanville Montessori School.

Montessori @ Home is a Montessori preschool in Durbanville which was established in February 2003 with 3 small faces only. 

Since our humble beginnings, we have grown from strength to strength and have now welcomed hundreds of children and parents with love, laughter and learning.

girls reading

Within our community which strives for excellence, your little blessing will discover within themselves the wonder of knowledge, delightful independence, self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment. By allowing the children freedom to explore via sensory, literacy, math, culture and creative means, each child is able to realize their full potential at their own pace.

At Montessori @ Home in Durbanville, each child is treated as the unique individual they are within the structure of vertical age grouping. The school grooms each child to make a valuable contribution to themselves and society while enjoying a positive pre-school experience.

girl in ballet clothing


Our Mathematics area encourages children to understand and enjoy concepts of numbers, symbols, numeric sequences and memory.

Cultural Subjects

Cultural subjects are exceptional as they expose children to geography, history and life sciences. Music, art, and movement instruction are also part of the cultural curriculum.

Practical Life skills

Our Practical life area enhances the child’s development of task organization and reasoning through care of self, care of the environment, courtesy and coordination of physical movement.

building blocks

Sensorial Activities

Sensorial activities enable children to order, categorise and describe elements in relation to length, temperature, colour, etc.


Language Arts aim to promote oral language skills, written skills, reading, grammar and children’s literature. We use sandpaper letters, alphabet cut-outs, and presentations to develop the children’s writing and reading