Being a mother of three, I had, as so many other moms, struggled time and again to find satisfactory child care for my kids. I used to sometimes think that my expectations were just too high, but have since come to realize that where it comes to our children, there is no such thing.

Therefore I decided to use my passion for service excellence and establish a preschool that lived up to my high standard of expectations - what I wanted for my own children. I know first-hand, the stress of being a working mom, and every service we offer, is aimed at reducing the potential pressures and concerns surrounding balancing a career and trying to be the perfect mom.

My focus


Hands down our children are the most precious and important part of our lives. The stage between the ages from about birth and five are arguably the most critical phases in their lives, where each and every experience will ultimately determine what kind of person our child will become. At Clever Cats we guide our learners and attempts to instil a sense of independence and respect for each other as individuals within each of them. We endeavour to teach our children kindness, patience, friendship and love. At Clever Cats, these are the values we pride ourselves in.

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At Clever cats I endeavour to provide a quality, stress free service to our parents. Trust is very important and I aim to create this with all parents- so that you know your child is being looked after to the highest standards.


Staff are another important factor as people directly responsible for taking care of our children need to be loving, kind, patient and compassionate- these are non-negotiable traits. Staff are also responsible to create a pleasant and well organized work environment that enables them to care for and teach children.

Clever Cats

Each child is a unique individual and because each child is important to us, we treat them as such. We teach aspects such as nutrition, boundary formation (in a fun way) and most importantly, stimulation through play. 

Clever Cats is situated on Langeberg Road on the outskirts of Durbanville.
Fresh air, fun and wholesome education are all part of any days' activities. The schools is approx. 5000 square meters of property, offering freedom for our children to explore and play.

On rainy days, not even the storms can take the fun and play out of our children's day. We have an amazing indoor gym with tunnels, slides and a 10 000 piece ball pond too! This means, (come rain or shine) your child will ensure to get the physical exercise he or she needs.
During the summer months (weather permitting) on Fridays we pull out the jumping castle and give fun a whole new meaning.

Children are naturally attracted to animals, and it’s a delight for us to be able to provide an environment where they can interact with bunnies, goats, ducks and geese.
Our feeding times for the animals are timed to coincide with outdoor playtime and provide an absolute thrill for the children. (please bring along fruit and vegetable peels so that your child can feed the animals).
Lastly, access to Clever Cats is controlled, ensuring that no unauthorized persons can gain entrance to the school. 

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