At Childspay Educare, we can assure you the best service and care for your little one. We will guarantee peace of mind for you whether you are working or just busy with your daily routine elsewhere.
Some general activities undertaken at our preschool:

  • Show and tell: This takes place on Thursdays. We allocate a theme and your child will then need to bring along an item pertaining to it. He or she will then need to talk about this item and show it to the other children.
  • News and books: This activity occurs on Tuesdays. Children are required to have their own covered A4 book. The book will be used to document drawing and news about their weekends that they can then share with their friends.

Please note that written or telephonic notification is required at Childsplay Educare for the following:
- Someone other than yourself be collecting your child from school
- Should you wish your child to leave the school one months written notice needs to apply.

Kids at the school

Policies and Procedures

At our school, we are extremely security conscious and place a high premium on the safety of our children. Should you visit the school, please ensure that you close the door at the entrance securely behind you.
Should you wish to discuss a matter with a teacher please ensure to arrive earlier at our school (before 8:00) or alternatively make an appointment.
Should you arrive late due to unforeseen circumstances we request that you drop your child off and not enter the classroom - this can be very disruptive to the work session.
We are open from 06:45 a.m 

Open Hours

School day commences - 8:00a.m 
Lunchtime is at 12:15 p.m. 
Half day: children must be collected by 1:00 p.m 
Full day: children must be collected before 6:00p.m (Monday to Thursday) and 17:45 on Fridays
Please support us and arrive on time - A collection fee of R10 per 10 minutes applies to late parents. This will be added to your statement.
Please notify us should you wish to fetch your child earlier than 12:30.

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