Placing your little Angel in our school will leave you with sound peace of mind, your child (which we know is your most precious possession) will be in a safe, loving and motivating environment where we will take care of him or her to the best of our ability.

The age appropriate stimulation we give your angel will be monitored and parent’s will receive a progress report once a term to see what the progress is with child’s development. We are also fully available to parents should you wish for a one on one session to discuss your baby’s individual progress.

For sound mind please note that all our teachers and respective personnel are fully trained in first aid.

What we do

At Angel Care, we strive to stimulate your Angel with a play-activity programme specifically formulated for children who are in the tender age range from 2 month to 5 years, We believe in learning through play and thus we undertake lots of learn through play activities.

We  also strive to give your child a home away from home, by not keeping them in one room the whole day but by having a rotation system in the school.