About Trinity Children's Care Center

The school started as an Early Childhood Development Centre for 15 small 3 year old children back in 2012. As time went by our dream grew – year on year – into a full preschool for children in the Mitchell’s Plain area. We now have 30 students in grades R and pre-R as well as 15 students in our Grade 1 class. In 2016 we aim to grow further so that we can offer grade 2. We strongly believe in the value of all-inclusive education, it’s simply amazing to see the physical, cognitive, spiritual and emotional growth of all our children thus far.

Trinity Children’s Care Vision

We endeavour that each of our children live happy, fulfilling and loving lives. God created us as humans for this purpose and that is what we endeavour to teach our children- live life to the fullest.

Sponsor a child program

Sponsoring a child is the most powerful way that you can fight poverty and we encourage all citizens to assist us in this regard. IN order to sponsor a child, the below steps apply:

  1. Make monthly contributions* to our Trinity bank account
  2. Use “SC” and your name as a reference (“SC John Doe”)
  3. Please also send us your email address so we can provide you quarterly updates on your sponsored child.  

As of 2015 full sponsorship is approx. R1000 per month, partial sponsorships ranges from R250, R500 to R750 monthly.
Please contact us should you be interested in sponsoring a child. Please also note that tax deductible certificates are available for South African tax payers.

Donations to our school

We truly appreciate any and all donations at Trinity Children's Care Center. Should you wish to contribute to our school, please use your name as payment reference so we know who to thank.
If you would prefer to make a donation toward one of our current financial needs, you can notify us by email or mention it in the payment reference. We currently need financial assistance in the following areas:
School outings for the children
Security equipment
Classroom equipment such as furniture and desks
Construction work around the school (as the campus grows)