Little Saints Early Childhood Development offers four grades for ages 2-6: Grade 000, Grade 00, Grade 0 and Grade R.

Here, we offer your child the very best holistic education to effectively prepare him/her ready for Junior School.

With three schools on one campus, our dedicated staff ensures that the transitions between the various grades and phases are effortless. Our Early Childhood Development centre is built around CBC St John's four pillars of Faith, Family, Excellence and Diversity and we ensure that this is seen in everything that we do.

We offer a 4 year curriculum that has been carefully thought out by merging the very best of the CAPS curriculum and the principles of Self-Discovery learning. Because we are an independent school, we strive to go above and beyond what is required, giving them the very best foundation for Junior School.

We believe children learn through play and experience. We provide creative education that allows our children to use imagination and critical thinking to create new and meaningful ideas where they can take risks, be independent and flexible, teaching them to find various solutions to a problem and to come up with out-of-the box solutions.

We encourage the children to express themselves freely using various media, from water, paint and clay to box construction. We believe in the holistic development of a child and allowing him/her to find his/her own way, within boundaries.

The main Learning Areas are Literacy, Numeracy, Perceptual Skills, Physical Development and Life Skills. We use books of the week to explore different topics relating to our children's everyday life and beyond. Assessments are done continuously throughout the year based on the age of the child.

Our goal is not only to get your child ready for big school, but to grow a confident little person, who knows the Lord and is able to cope with life's challenges.

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