Welcome to our happy Little Miracles Day Care Center. Established in 2003 we are tremendously fortunate to form a big part in of the lives of all the little ones in our care. We offer exceptional Day Care Services and are a situated in Parklands Cape Town. We cater for children from 3 months to 3 years of age and can accommodate 15 children. We operate from 07:00-17:30 and offer a structured yet fun learning program to develop your child through playful learning. Please make drop-off in the morning is quick. At Little Miracles we have things to do and it is much less traumatic if morning goodbyes are executed as fast as possible.

We have breakfast at 08h00, lunch at 11h30, and afternoon snack when they wake up from their nap. At Little Miracles day care we provide all meals and snacks. If your child cannot eat what we are providing due to allergies, they will unfortunately need to bring food from home.

Little Miracles Day Care Objectives

We are not a formal school and do not employ teachers. Our little ones learn through play. During school terms we follow a theme every week, during which we learn shapes, colours, counting, songs, etc. We also do plenty of gross and fine motor activities, as well as games that develop your little one’s coordination, listening skills etc. Music, art and stories form a big part of our week.

Happy little girl

happy boy