Little Angels is a small Montessori preschool in Table View, Cape Town. We of course following the Montessori philosophy and strive to build strong foundations for all our children so that they may grow to become happy, confident and independent young people. We cater for children 18 months to 6 years old.

Our Little Angels Montessori School was established in 2004 and has grown year on year with every success. We have a wonderful management team and exceptional teaching assistants who ensure that children’s minds are nourished and stimulated. We also offer small classes for the children to ensure individual attention. Our school hours are from 7am-12pm, Monday to Friday. We offer after care from 2:30pm-5pm and holiday care is also available. All school fees are payable on a monthly basis. We offer a range of extra mural activities including art, play ball, music, monkey nastix and dancing.

Our Montessori Educational Approach

We offer a whole child approach and aim of the Montessori Method is to realize each child’s full unique potential in life. The approach encourages learning at the child’s own page and promotes social development, intellectual stimulation, rational thinking and physical exercise and movement. The popular universal curriculum allows the child to gain pleasure form learning and develop a love of learning. The method also encourages positive self-esteem as well as respect fot themselves and their peers.

Little Angels Montessori School Environment:
Our setting is supportive of the child. Our classroom, resources and materials are presented to the children in an atmosphere that encourages them to interact and learn. Our environment is also very safe and secure.

The Teachers:
Teachers are Montessori schools are called Directresses and they function as resource to teach the children and act as role models to them. Our Directresses also demonstrate to the children how to use materials within the class and enable positive learning

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