In 1990 Andrea Jakubowski established a day care centre in Blouberg, Cape Town with a grand total of 15 small children. The school flourished and remains today as the warm, caring and loving establishment it was back in 1900. At Lil Angels Day Care we ensure all children receive love, support, care and security. We make all our children feel at home and aid in the development both physically and mentally. Our school enables children to learn about the world, accept challenges and develop the necessary skills to face the future without fear. We believe that through the everyday experience of play, children learn to cope with the pressures that life and overcome challenges of tomorrow. We provide care for all children from 6 weeks old to 12 years of age.

Our Approach

At Lil Angels Day Care we recognise that each child is unique and deserving of a kind, caring environment that encourages growth and learning on every level. We know that conducive growth only materialises when children are loved, cherished, stimulated, challenged and happy. We thus promote a progressive environment where they are taught the skills of problem solving, self-worth, co-operation, collaboration and how to stay motivated.
Parents are an integral part of childhood development and therefore we urge all parents to provide us full detailed information about their children. This aids teachers develop a closer and more trustful relationship with the child to provide them the understanding, exceptional, individual care he or she deserves. Know that at Lil Angels your child with be in the most capable hands (other than your own) and will be loved and cared for as though they were our own flesh and blood.

Parental Communication

Of course parents are welcome at the school at all times and we encourage their involvement at all levels. We also encourage our parents to openly and honestly communicate with us about concerns they might have or about any special considerations and needs of their children. Honest communication makes teachers and parents more comfortable and co-operative and is ultimately the best thing for the children. We feel that this is so important that we have even provided each child with a ‘keep in touch’. This vital piece of stationary allows us to document your child’s progress and any other significant points or concerns that parents may need to know about.

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