B’s Day Care offers half and full day care for kids aged between 6 weeks – 4/5 years of age. We are situated in the beautiful suburb of Parklands in Cape Town and are a privately owned day care facility. Our school is open Mon-Fri from 6H30am- 18H30pm. We are also open throughout the year except on public holidays and 3 weeks over Christmas/ New Years.  Our amazing home away from home offers our kids a loving, caring, clean, safe and stimulating environment where they will thrive. We teach the children how to interact with one another, show respect and learn how to share. We develop problem solving skills within our children’s mind at teach them the beauty and importance of diversity when it comes to race, religion and other origins. We also fully understand how important it is for children to play and believe that this is the best way for children to learn. At B’s Day Care we encourage play so as to develop the child cognitively, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. We love watching our children play and interact with one another as we know these are not trivial moments but moments where they actually learn and grow. 

Bs Day Care was established in 1995 by Bianca Junger who has always had a love babies and baby care.  She studied child care and nursing in college and once qualified she opened up B’s Day Care. The school started small with only one baby, but soon the establishment grew into 2 full classes of kids. Bianca also ensures that all teaching staff employed are fully qualified, compassionate people who are trained in CPR and First Aid.

Programs at B’s Day Care

B’s Day Care offer a structured routine to the children. Each class has an age appropriate weekly theme and all required activities are based on this. B’s Day Care offers circle time where the kids learn about shapes, colours and numbers. The time is also used to discuss news and the weekly theme. After circle time there is opportunity for the kids to make puzzles, thread, play with play dough, bake and build blocks. All these activities are designed specifically to develop the child on a creative, visual, physical and cognitive leave.


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