Blaauwberg Rise Academy is a wonderful preschool and after care facility catering for children from 2 – 5 years of age. Situated in the heart of Blaauwberg, we offer small and personalized classes which affords all children individual and personal attention. We employ only the most exceptional and talented teachers that are keen to develop all the children in their care to their full potential.

Blaauwberg Rise Academy is open from 6:30am until 18:00pm and we offer our children a warm, fun, educational and stimulating environment. Our curriculum allows us to approach education in a holistic manner and develop each child on a social, emotional, physical and mental level. We also provide our children with daily nutritional meals.
Our school motto is “We teach children to love, by loving them first.”

Our schools undertakings

We provide parents with Progress Reports on a bi-annual basis so that they can monitor the progress of their child. We also have parent’s evenings so that they can communicate with the teachers directly. The kids at the school are also exposed to a baker’s day, school concerts, puppet shows, various raffles and school photos.

At Blaauwberg Rise Academy, we endeavour to develop each children’s perception, memory, visual coordination, vocabulary, artistic skills, fine and gross motor movements and numeracy skills with our varied curriculum. We also encourage emotional, social and physical development with a range of fun and stimulating activities learnt in the classroom. All activities undertaken are age appropriate and stimulating for the children.