Nicole and Jonathan Woolley founded Kids on the Bay with the grand vision of being the go-to place where young children can reach their full potential in accordance with their individual ability. This great environment also allows kids to realise their purpose and learn principles of life, love and knowledge which forms a solid foundation in life.

Every parent knows and understands the importance of their child’s first year of education and this is why Kids on the Bay aspires to provide kids planned programs that ensure stimulation and enriching educational experiences.

What we believe

At Kids on the Bay, we believe that teaching kids through age-appropriate activities in a creative, fun and playful way assists the learning cycle. We also believe that teaching Children to care, be considerate and show respect to one another - they will learn positive qualities which will help them grow into strong, confident individuals.
By gaining the most out of every day at school we hope that your children will leave our care feeling ready and prepared; emotionally, socially, physically, creatively and ready to integrate with ease into formal school.

How we communicate

We aim to work as a team with parents to create a consistent and developmental blend between home and school so that each child can successfully progress without concern or pressure. This will allow them to reach their greatest potential while developing a love for learning.
Each child has a message book and reading packet to make communication easy between the teacher and parent. Each child also receives a written report to show their progress. We also endeavour to keep our Website and Facebook page updated with pictures and important information as well as send notices to parents out via email.

A day at our School

Our school day consists of the following:
Arrival and free play: School starts at 8:15 but parents are encouraged to drop their kids off at least 15 minutes before the morning bell so they have time to socialise, play and settle down before the day stars.

Morning: The teacher discusses the weather, news, show and tell, the theme and the day’s activities with the kids. This time is also used for singing songs, numeracy and partaking in various language activities.

Music & Movement: Run by the teacher, music and movement involves singing songs, reciting rhymes, various movements to music, stories and dramatization of stories, physical educations and playing musical instruments.

Creative Art: Creative art and craft activities are set up for the class to undertake. It’s an invaluable session for learners to be creative and work at their own pace in a creative, artistic manner.

Tidy up time

Indoor play: This is where children choose their own activities to undertake, where children can play freely. This includes fantasy play, building, construction games and other fun educational puzzles.

Lunch: Please note that parents must provide a healthy snack which children will then have in the classroom.

Outdoor play:  More Individual choice activities, children are allowed to play freely in the outdoor area or at the neighbouring park with supervision.

Tidy up time

Story time: This is aimed at developing the children’s concentration skills and expanding their knowledge through books and stories. 

Home time: School ends promptly at 12:15 unless a learner is participating in an extra mural.
Extra Murals are available and privately run at Kids on the BAy. The following extra murals are available to all children:

  • Kids Clay
  • Playball
  • Ballet
  • Nature Network
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Monkeynastics




Girl Colouring In