We assist our children develop sound values, skills and attitudes which is an integral part of the balanced, quality education we are proud to offer.

Welcome to our school where we are aware of the challenges that the youth of today face, as well as the ever evolving society for which we prepare them for one day soon.

At Camps Bay Primary, we strive to assist our students develop wholesome values, exceptional skills and positive attitudes. This is an integral part of the balanced, quality education we offer.

Camps Bay Pre Prep

Our Curriculum

We follow the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement – CAPS. This Curriculum was implemented in January 2012. We invite our parents to our Open Day to come and see both our educators and children at work.

The CAPS Curriculum covers the following areas:
Home Language
Life Skills

Our Vision and Mission

Respectfully look, listen and learn in a safe place - this is our vision at Camps Bay Pre Prepatory.

“A vision without a task is a dream
A task without a vision is a drudgery
A vision and a task is the hope of the world.”

Mission Statement

At Camps Bay Pre Prep, we are committed to:

• Providing a safe place of learning built on a foundation of respect for self, others the environment and tolerance
• Providing opportunities for meaningful community involvement;
• Providing quality education that addresses the needs of the whole child in the context of our modern changing society;
• Helping children grow into confident, contented people who will have a love and respect for their fellow man, devoid of all prejudice.

We firmly believe that the emotional, physical, spiritual, intellectual and creative abilities of each learner must be stimulated and nurtured as not one area can develop in isolation from the others.

Our school enjoys a reputation of being caring and progressive, where we:
• Encourage valuing one another and self respect;
• Endeavour to develop a sense of honesty;
• Strive for emotional and intellectual excellence;
• Provide facilities conducive to sound education.

Camps Bay Schools Motto

“Strive for the highest.”

Camps Bay School Slogan

“As one we grow”

Camps Bay Kids