The classrooms are both light and airy with doors opening onto a stunning veranda...

Welcome to Bishops Pre Preparatory . The school consists of two main classrooms, a staff room, kitchen and a cloakroom. We now also have three Grade R classrooms and a playground with a small staff room and kitchen, three Grade 1 classrooms and three Grade 2 classrooms. 

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What we have

At Bishops Pre Prep, we are lucky that our teaching apparatus, puzzles, games, Lego and other toys inspire and encourage the children to be creative while learning. The younger grade 1 and 2 classes are each equipped with a computer, digital projector and Mimio technology which allows the teachers to create an interactive board on the white board. Furthermore, a video machine, DVD player and TV are on hand to support the children’s learning experience on rainy days when outside play is just not possible. We also provide the kids with read along stories which support phonics and spelling.


Ball skills is taught by the Grade 1 and 2 class teachers four times monthly after school during the summer. Soccer is coached by Playball at this time during the winter terms.  Other extra-murals offered include Judo, Playball (all year round) and Soccer at Grade R level; Judo, Mini-Cricket, Playgolf, Tennis, Tag-Rugby Cross Country and Swimming Squad are supported at Grade 1 and 2 level. 
From Grad R to Grade 2, Pottery lessons are offered after school, and during the winter terms boys may join the art club or chess club.  Jesus and Me (JAM)– is our Christian club which meets on a voluntary basis every Thursday afternoon.  At Bishops Pre Prep we are also lucky that College pupils are involved in this programme and assist with storytelling and game organization. 

Our Chaplain

Fr Terry Wilke is our school Chaplain who meets with the boys once every three weeks.  Family Chapel services are held once a term.  The Grade R service is held in the Brooke Chapel and the Grade 1 and 2 service in the Memorial Chapel.  We also have a prayer group of parents (this is voluntary) that meets weekly in the staffroom to pray for the school.


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