Welcome to Scootours Cape Town. Jump on a Monster Mountain Scooter and Freewheel into the city. Scootours offers a very unique way to experience the beauty of Table Mountain and its breathtaking views, in a safe, fun and active way that your kids will love.

Scootours Kids Birthday Party

What better way to spend your child’s birthday than by free wheeling down the lower slopes of Table Mountain? Kids will have the most fun ever in a safe and active way, overseen by the professional guides of Scootours.

The Monster Scooters are very easy for kids to manoeuvre and they simply control their speed by applying the breaks (similar to mountain bikes.)

All kids are issued with helmets and cycling gloves, no helmet no ride! They are briefed as to how to ride the Scooters before departing on the two runs. Descending the hills is done so in a controlled manner under the guidance of the Scootours staff, and transport to the top of each run is included in the package.

After the kids expel all that energy on the two downhill runs, they will end their runs in a lovely park with picnic facilities where they can hang out with their friends and enjoy some much needed sustenance.

Scootours offer two kids parties options, one for children 4-9 years old, and the other 10+ years.

Kids Party venue – which choose Scootours?

Scootours is one of the most unique things to do with kids in Cape Town, so your child’s birthday will truly be a memorable experience. Its also safe and fun, and all staff are very attentive to ensureing the kids have the best time without any danger. The runs also end in Deer Park, where we encourage parents to stay for a picnic, all you need to do is bring along your own snacks and drinks to enjoy at the end.

For more information on Scootours and their kids party options, please contact them directly.

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