Welcome to Plaaswerf, we are situated in Langeberg Ridge and offer an unforgettable day for your kids. We all know that children are mad for animals and we have a wide range of cute and clever sheep, goats, lambs, rabbits, pigs and chicken. Parents are welcome to sit in the shade as they watch their children play. We offer a pedal tractor, climbing gym and sand pit. We also have slip water slide which can be hired separately.

In the colder months kids play inside our shed and we put up a jumping castle for them to play on. Parents can watch by the fireplace whilst enjoying a grand cup of tea or coffee.

Our Farm party venue caters for children from 1-7 years of age and can hold a minimum of 100 and maximum of 20 children. Party’s ast approx. 2 hours- we have one time slot available each Friday and 3 each Saturday. There are no Sunday part times available unfortunately.

There are a variety of themes available for kids including mini mouse, Mickey Mouse, Barbie, barnyard and many more. The cost is broken down per child and includes us hosting the party, all table décor and cutlery, party packs, a jumping castle, petting and feeding animals, all play equipment and a themed name tag. At an additional fee we can provide the kids yogurt, hot dogs, chicken pies, ice creams, balloons, candy floss and other extra décor. Please note that the slip and slide, pony rides and a photographer are an additional fee as well.

Don’t delay, for a great Children’s Barnyard Party experience, contact us today!

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