Dragonland is THE PARTY ULTIMATE VENUE which offers majestic, unforgettable experiences for you and your young one. Our party venue caters for babies, children, pre-teens and even mom and dad! Dragonland is situated in Parklands and is over 500 square meters. We offer a variety of spaces and places which promote physical development, fitness and socialization. We have 4 party rooms which hosts a range of themed birthdays.

We have 4 party rooms which hosts a range of themed birthdays.

We offer a range of activities for your child including and arts and crafts area, a daddy and me activity, dress up, make up rooms, jumping castles, mom activities, swings, play stations, jungle gyms, bikes, scooters, building block area and much more!

We offer a Drop & Go Facility which is especially suited for parents to know their children are in a safe and secure environment.

Our Party Options

We offer the following 3 party options at our venue

Bench Party A includes 2 hours of play in the play area, paper plates, cups and napkins, 10 balloons, bowl of chips and a stunning happy birthday banner. Please note this option excludes parent entrance fee, birthday cake, beverages and any additional catering.

Bench Party B includes 2 hours of play, plates, cups and napkins, balloons, birthday banner, bowl of chips as well as a delicious platter of chicken nuggets and chips. Bench Party B also includes party packs for the children which contain chips, sweets, marshmallows and lollipops. We also provide Oros for the children. This option also excludes parent entrance fee, birthday cake and other beverages.

Themed Birthday Parties include the usual 2 hours for the party venue as well as a themed room with draping, tables, chairs, plates and cups. The children’s party boxes are filled with juice, marshmallows and lollipops. On the tables the kids will find balloons and chips and there are numerous party extra’s which can be purchased from our party shop. We offer a lunch of chicken nuggets and chips. Birthday cakes, adult catering, venue fee of R300 and adult entrance fee is excluded from the standard cost.

Services available on request

Should you want some extra fun at your kids birthday party, we can arrange the following for you at an extra charge:

  • Magic and puppet shows
  • Face paints and a real life Barbie or princess.
  • Zoo petting and balloon sculpture.
  • There are a range of cake and platters available at an additional charge.

Kids chairs

Kids Ball Paly area

Kids jumping castle

Kids play area