Welcome to the Clay Café, we are situated in Hout Bay and offer kids and parents a day of fun creativity and recreation. We offer a wide range of colourful paint which can be used to make ceramics and crockery both unique and beautiful. There is nothing better than spending the day painting whilst our friendly staff and warm environment keep you completely relaxed.

Our establishment is the ideal spot for a children’s party as each child is provided the chance to truly create something unique and memorable. Parent’s also get a chance to kick up their feet and relax in the garden whilst their kids are busy. Please note that Booking is essential for all children’s parties. Party packs are made on order.

We are open 7 days a week.

A Clay Café Kids Party Day

At Clay Café we offer a demonstration to the kids and show them how to paint. As this happens, moms are able to relax and enjoy some delicious tea and coffee. We provide each child a party box as well as sweets, snacks and food. We are lucky that our stunning jumping caste is also available for the kids to play on once the formal birthday celebrations have concluded.Clay Cafe image 1

Clay Cafe image 2

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