Canvas Clube WC Art Parties

Looking for a fun and crafty kid’s party? Canvas Club are here to help you, the loving parent give your child the best, most creative Arty Party around. Whether you are celebrating your child’s birthday, a special event or for not reason in particular, Canvas Club have you covered.

Established by two entrepreneurial sisters, Canvas Club specialise in arts and crafts. They firmly believe that when children are able to express themselves creatively, they develop emotionally, mentally and physically as well. Art enables kids to step outside their routine, and this is why Canvas Club was created in the first place.

Children's Party Packages

Canvas Club allow parents to choose from a variety of themes (they have over 16 in fact!) Some of these themes include their slime party, frozen party, dream catcher party, under the sea, pet party and more. Once the theme is chosen, Canvas Club Western Cape offer clients a choice of three packages:

Keep it cool: This fab Art party is a total of two hours (30 min setup, 1 hour of arts and crafts, 30 mins clean.) The package includes an art craft that the kids are able to make themselves and take home. All materials are provided by the crafting facilitator and they also provide digital innovation solutions. All arty parties can be hosted in the comfort of your own home, or at a venue in the Western Cape of your choosing.

Live a little: This is 45 minutes – 1 hour of crafting (dependent on the crowd) and is alsmot identical to the first package. However, with Live a Little the crafting instructor also plays a range of fun games with the kids.

The Splurge:This is the top package and offers everything the other 2 provide. Additionally canvas Club with provide décor, snacks, sweets, drinks and even the birthday cake or cupcakes. The facilitator will also cut the cake and get the kids to sing happy birthday!

All the above is of course flexible, so even if you go with the first theme, they are able to provide all extras like cakes, décor, sweets and more at an additional cost.
Be sure to contact Canvas Club in the Western Cape to book your Arty Party now.

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