Welcome to Candle Avenue

Brighten up your child’s special day with our unforgettable candle parties! Allow your child to create and explore with our seven different colours of wax and make their very own beautiful candles to take home. All this is done while you sit back, relax and enjoy the party - we will take care of what we do best!

We offer a stunning and (very different) party experience for your child.

Our order of the day is as such for all parties:

We start off with Welcoming Drinks. Enjoy refreshing blue drinks in summer or delightful smooth hot chocolate during winter, while your guests are arriving.

Your little one will be the centre of attention while we sing and wish her/him Happy Birthday! Blowing out candles and cutting the cake then follows.

Everybody will then be seated on their mushroom chairs and enjoy their own little baskets (name tagged) filled with delicious sweets to eat! Please note that baskets can be purchased at an additional cost for the guests to take home. (We will provide goodie bags if there are any left overs.)

It is then time for mind blowing candle making!

We will explain the candle making process and they will then make their own candles to take home!

We will be take (60 +) photos of all the action taking place. The kids love posing for photos and are proud of their own creations. This is all included in the price and we will mail them to you soon after the party. (You are welcome to take your own as well!)

At Candle Avenue you can choose from a variety of different themes including:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Frozen Party
  • The Secret Garden
  • Monster Party
  • Once upon a time party
  • Space Party
  • Teddy Bear Party
  • Teens Party

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