Welcome to Artee Parteez, a party with a difference! Are you tired of that same old magician and puppet show your kids are exposed to as EVERY SINGLE BIRTHDAY PARTY they have ever attended? Are you tired of those unhealthy endless sweets and chips each child receives at birthday parties? Well at Artee Parteez, we offer something completely different for your child’s birthday with is fun, entertaining and educational.

We offer an exceptional arts, crafts or lego experience at birthday parties where kids can be creative and learn from one another. Our prices are also very competitive and we offer a set rate for 12 kids per party. Our party options are broken down below:

Arts and Crafts Party: Suitable for children over the ages of 4/5, we supply all materials required for the party but don’t unfortunately provide tables or chairs. We can offer a lumo craft party, printed canvas painting, fashion design, fabric paining, sand art, canvas painting,  scrap booking, wood crafts, flower pot decorating or even a make do party where kids can build a cardboard assembly.

Lego Party: Children LOVE Lego and thus we also provide a wide range of Lego party options to suite every requirement. We offer advanced Lego, superheroes Lego, mini-figures, princess Lego, castle Lego, friends Lego, Star Wars Lego and much more!

Themed Parties: Children love pretending to be that defiant pirate or that beautiful princess, at Artee Parteez we offer a range of themed birthday party options. We offer a princess craft party, pirate craft party, dinosaur craft party, and more. Depending on the theme, our party activities include egg races, mask making, treasure hunts, sand art, pass the parcel games and much more!

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