Wildlife for kids in Cape Town.

Our eco-system is important for the well-being of the planet with every animal having their place in the food chain. If you ever played “Fox and Rabbit” in school, you’ll remember the effects that population explosions and natural disasters have on the environment.

It follows then that that we should teach our kids the importance of respecting animals and wildlife. It’s also a great way to encourage kids to get outside instead of spending all their time staring at a screen.

Wildlife is all around us – even in our beautiful Cape Town, you’ll find squirrels, rodents, birds and more. Its also a good idea to start a “Spotter’s Book” with your children and encourage them to write down or draw all the animals they see.

Kids are observational creatures and often learn by the actions of others, so start with leading by example. Ensure you are kind to animals and to wildlife, catch and release all those creepy crawlies and rodents you might find at home.

Teach your kids how to behave around animals – slow, careful movements and no loudness. This helps the animal feel more secure and builds trust. If you have pets, teach your kids the right way to touch them, softly and sensitively.

For an adventure further afield, we have put together a list of the best wildlife spots for kids to visit and experience in and around Cape Town. Take the day, explore and show kids how wonderful and majestic our African creatures are.