Parks for kids in Cape Town

A park is a fantastic way to get your kids into nature, which helps to improving their minds and physical well-being. Cape Town parks are wonderful spaces to bond with your children and get them outside (as well as yourself for that matter!) Running, hiding, playing ball or throwing that Frisbee around a park allows everyone to have a great workout that's fun – and free as well. Bring the dog along so that they too can get their exercise fix.

For kids, there are many positive benefits going to the park. Its a fantastic place for children to discover the world around them and build new things. Watch your kids build that fort, teach them the art of bird watching or expose them to all those creepy crawlies scattered around the park. Let your kids discover an untouched world and let their imagination run wild. A park also provides a space where kids can connect with you, their loving parent. With no digital screens such as TVs, iPads or cellphones to distract them at a park, you will have your child’s full attention.

Finally, Cape Town parks provide a sense of adventure for your kids. Every trip to a Cape Town park brings the opportunity for kids to learn something new. As children learn through play, they may gain a sense of accomplishment as they take on the challenges that are met outdoors. Allowing you child to develop a sense for nature develops their senses, co-ordination and confidence.

There is no time like the present, get up off that couch, take that iPad out of your child’s hands and head to a Cape Town park now. At ForKids we have created a list of the best cape Town parks for you and your kids to visit right now.