The V&A Waterfront in Cape Town is situated in the oldest working harbour in South Africa. With the majestic Table Mountain as its backdrop, the V&A Waterfront welcomes millions of people from all over the world. Its a profound symbol of diversity where people from all walks of life can come together to play, live, shop and dine.

By prioritising people and the planet, the V&A Waterfront is an example of how working with communities, respecting the environment and operating with integrity is a better way of doing business.

For kids, the V&A Waterfront offers a ton of attractions and things to do, such as the iconic scratch patch where kids can explore the wonderful world of gemstones, Artjamming where kids can spend the day spraying and sponging paint, and even the majestic Two Oceans Aquarium that offers kids a world of sea-life to explore.

That is but a taste of what’s on offer at the V&A Waterfront. There are also educational and historical activities for kids to delve into and one of the best things for kids to do is visit Robben Island. The Waterfront acts as a gateway to the Island and provides many tours and boat trips to and from the prison within it. This is certainly one that kids absolutely need to experience at least once in their lifetime to understand the many struggles that political prisoners such as Nelson Mandela had to endure.

Another great attraction for kids at the V&A Waterfront is the Cape Wheel. This massive observation wheel offers a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view of Cape Town, allowing kids to see Table Mountain, Robben Island, Cape Town City skyline, Paarl Mountains, and the Cape Town Stadium. The Cape Wheel contains 30 fully enclosed air conditioned cabins that will take you and your kids 40 metres above the ground in safety and comfort, and the entire four revelation ride lasts approx. 12-15 minutes.

After your kids have extinguished all that energy, head over to one of the many restaurants within the V&A Waterfront for some much needed sustenance. With over 80 restaurants available, you will certainly find something that’s suitable for your unique taste and budget.

The V&A Waterfront is massive at over 120 hectares, so plan your day accordingly. With the many shops, restaurants, markets, boating experiences, musicians, performances and kids attractions available, this harbour will require most of your day to explore.

Travelling to the waterfront is also very accessible with uber cars and taxis around many corners. Should you wish to drive yourself that’s not a problem either, 7500 open-air and underground parking bays are available just waiting for you.

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