Welcome to Cape Point. Named the ‘Cape of Storms’ the ‘Point’ was treated with much respect by sailors for centuries. It was a navigational landmark by day and by night it was a menacing beast, a point surrounded by violent storms and dangerous rocks. Many shipwrecks around the coastline are a direct result of Cape Point.

The first lighthouse was completed at cape Point in 1859 and still stands at 238 metres above sea-level today. It is now used as a centralised monitoring point for all the lighthouses on the coast of South Africa.

Access to this Lighthouse is via an exhilarating three-minute ride in the Flying Dutchman funicular, this transfers visitors from the lower to the upper station at 127 metres above sea-level.

Cape Point is situated in the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve in Table’s Mountain National Park and is a World Heritage Site. This beautiful location is dotted with stunning valleys, bays and beaches, containing a wonderful mix of unique fauna and flora. It is a must do activity for kids and a beautiful place for kids to see with their own eyes.

The Funicular

Apart from offering parents and kids a fun method of travel, taking the Flying Dutchman funicular saves you an uphill walk from the car park to the old lighthouse. Also known as the Cape Point Funicular, is a railway located at the beautiful Cape Point, and the only commercial funicular of its kind in Africa.

The Flying Dutchman funicular leaves from the lower station every three minutes at the weekends only and can accommodates 40 passengers per car (transporting 450 people to the upper lighthouse per hour.)

Of course, should you choose note to take the funicular, you and the kids can always walk to Cape Point from the car park, a stunningly beautiful and unforgettable experience in its own right.

Child Friendly Restaurant

After a fun day out with the kids at Cape Point, if you are feeling peckish be sure to head on over to the Two Oceans Restaurant. Situated within the nature reserve the Two Oceans restaurant is a child friendly establishment that you simply must visit after your trip to the Cape Point.

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