Cape Town Science Center

The Cape Town Science enter aims to offer kids a fun, educational and informative experience whilst teaching them aspects of Science, Technology and Math. We use a variety of interactive displays and new technologies to keep kids entertained whilst teaching them fundamental concepts of science.

We aim to equip all learners by providing hands on learning and world class exhibits whilst stimulating curiosity and developing young minds. We offer families a place to ‘play with science’ which leads to self-learning and cognitive development.

At the Cape Town Science Center our establishment offers a science flea market which sells a wide range of fun and educational goodies. Kids can also celebrate their birthday with us as we provide venue hire, fun science shows and even lego workshops.

The exhibits that we showcase at the centre include a variety of displays and mind boggling puzzles. Kids can even experience the weightlessness similar to that of outer space by use of a human spinning gyroscope. There are also fun Mind ball games (where kids can control balls with their brain waves ) as well as kinetic sculptures which allow children to hear science!

If the family gets hungry, there are also a range of refreshments available from the SciCafe which also offers guests free internet.

We value all visits to the Cape Town Science Center and encourage you to bring your kids regularly for truly educational and fun experiences that will benefit them both emotionally and intellectually.

Image 1 - Cape Town Science Center

Image 2 - Cape Town Science Center

Image 3 - Cape Town Science Center