Welcome to Spur Steak Ranches, we opened our first Spur Restaurant WAY back in 1967 in Newslands, Cape Town and since then we have grown from strength to strength. We now operate a successful chain of restaurants throughout South Africa and endeavour to provide our patrons a warm, family orientated environment which is not only child friendly, but value for money as well.

We have over 237 local child friendly Spur restaurants as well as 28 internationally (we have Spur’s in the UK, Australia and even Mauritius) making us one of the biggest South African restaurant chains in the world. Spur Steak Ranches are child friendly restaurants and we are proud to offer kids an exclusive membership to our Spur Secret Tribe, which is so popular we even made our own Spur Tribe Website to cater for the needs of our Spur kids. On the website you can design your very own Spur Birthday Invitations, make thank you letters and even browse our range of kid’s birthday ideas. There is also a range of kid’s games and fun tips and environmental information for kids to read up on the website.

Back at Spur Steak Ranches we offer a child friendly menu which includes delicious meals such as grilled chicken strips ribs, burgers, toasted treats and more. We also provide a range of yummy desserts for the kids including waffles, make your own ice cream creations and our famous Chico the clown. At many of our Spurs, there are child friendly play areas which are monitored by CCTV camera’s, allowing parents to keep an eye on their kids whilst they play.

We offer a variety of great specials and competitions throughout the year, so keep a look out for great deals at your local Spur in your unique area. Bring the family, get into the Spur groove and come join us for a fun family day (or night) out. Visit our website to find a Spur Steak Ranch in your area.

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