Welcome to the Primi Restaurant chain, where we love people and we love food. All our meals are Italian inspired, and our decor infused with the ambience of the modern day cosmopolitan. Our soulful food is gourmet, healthy, traditional and of course, Italian! We aim to prepare all food to the highest quality standards and also provide the healthiest Italian meal options for all, especially the kids. At Primi we are a child friendly restaurant, client centric and strive to offer the best dining experience around for all patrons. Even all our kitchens are open plan so you can see exactly how our chefs are preparing the food.

As Primi is a child friendly restaurant chain, we offer kids an exciting and safe kiddies section with a fun vibe which will make them want to come back time and time again. We also offer pizza and biscuit making activities as well as climbing and sporting structures they can play on (this is store dependent.) All our kids play areas are manned by dedicated and professional child minders.

We also offer the kids a nutritious, healthy and tasty food menu which will leave them happy and relaxed. As parents, you can take comfort in the fact that Primi offers only nutritious food choices for kids main meals. Some of our menu items include pizzas made on easy to digest sourdough, healthy wraps, grilled sausages, spaghetti bolognaise with healthy butternut and fish cakes.

Don’t delay, visit our website to find a Primi store near you for a fun family day out!

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