Welcome to Moyo, where we celebrate Africa and offer kids and parents a truly unique African Dining Experience. Moyo means heart in the native language of Swahili and currently we have restaurants in Kirstenbosch and Blouberg in Cape Town.

Our warm hospitality and celebration of African Beauty makes dinging at Moyo a fantastic experience for the whole family. Our passion for African is truly reflective in our d├ęcor as all design elements within the establishments are a celebration of our beautiful continent.

Moyo was established in 1998 in Norwood as a 120 seater restaurant, serving African cuisine to hungry patrons with a taste for African meals. Today, Moyo has grown into a famous and sought after dining experience, with two establishments in Cape Town, two in Johannesburg and one restaurant in Durban.

Moyo Kirstenbosch

Moyo Kirstenbosch is situated in the heart of the breathtaking Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. This amazing setting is now part of the warm and inviting African charm that is Moyo. We boast beautiful vistas, amazing African entertainment and the best African Cuisine available.Please note that there is a small entrance free to the Botanical Garden which needs to be paid even if you are not enjoying the gardens and only visiting our establishment.

Moyo Blouberg

Moyo in Blouberg is a truly unique dining experience in a relaxed setting, amidst the shores of the unspoit West Coast. Our African vibe is further enhanced by the natrual rythms of the Atlantic Ocean. Just 20 minutes for the city center, we boast stunning views of two of Cape Town's most treasured brands, Table Mountain and Robben Island.

For a relaxing evening, dining out in a setting that boasts truly unspoit African beauty, visit us at one of our Moyo restaurants in Cape Town today.

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