The Cape Town Scratch Patch

Welcome to the Scratch Patch in Cape Town. We were established way back in 1970 and our concept has since been ‘copied’ throughout the rest of the world. South Africa has always been regarded as the gemstone capital of the world (about half of all the gemstones worldwide can be found on our continent) so thus a visit to the Scratch Patch is a must for you and your children.

The Scratch Patch is a fantastic kid’s activity where your young one can spend hours digging and scratching around for the perfect gem. At the Scratch Patch we offer a massive range of tumble polished gems including Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Crystals and Agates as well as some real exotic treasures as well.

For kids a visit to the Scratch Patch is truly a memorable experience, being surrounded by so many beautiful gems can be an uplifting experience and turn even the darkest mood into a happy and joyous one.

What’s even better is that a visit to the Scratch Patch really is a cheap kids activity in Cape Town. You have the option of choosing between a small or large container (to suit your budget) and what stones your kids decide to take home is entirely up to them.

For a wonderful day out with your young ones come and visit us at the Scratch Patch – we have two stores in Cape Town, one situated in Simon’s Town and the other in the V&A Waterfront.

Scratch Patch Image 1