Kids on the move is a kid’s exercise program proudly brought to you be the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. The program aims to get kids in Cape Town Active and offers a variety of fitness exercises and options to keep children entertained and active. Our programs are suitable for kids between the ages of 7 and 14 years old who wish to stay fit and healthy whilst having fun, building self-esteem and making friends.

At Kids on the Move, kids enjoy exercise 5 days a week in a safe and secure environment. All our classes are supervised by a qualified Biokineticist who teaches the kids active play and movement. This results in kids being way more active and spending less time in front of the TV, tablet and computer.

Kids are exposed to a variety of exercises aimed at developing their motor skills, balance, flexibility, resistance and cardio. We are also fully cognisant of the fact that kid’s fitness levels differ considerably and even if your child is the most unfit of the lot, they will be supported and encouraged to push themselves. Also, by doing regular assessments we can gauge your child’s progress and thus feedback to parents on all achievements.

Our kids on the move program is designed to stimulate kids, help them become more active, flexible and spend less time in front of their smartphones and TV, should you wish to use our program to help your child lose weight, we recommend consulting a dietician or psychologist first.
For kids exercise and great fun, visit us today- we are situated on Boundry Road in Newlands, Cape Town.

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