Welcome to Kenilworth Karting, the BEST indoor Karting venue in South Africa! (According to Diners Club Mag.) Our Indoor racing track is one of the most accessible, inexpensive and exciting tracks in Cape Town offering pure adrenalin and fun for kids and parents alike. Karting at Kenilworth Karting is one of the less expensive adrenalin fuelled sports, it’s much cheaper than jumping out of an aeroplane or off a bridge! Safety is of the utmost importance to us and thus we ensure our track is well maintained at all times and that no dangerous driving takes place. We have an exceptional safety record and even beginners can venture onto the track without fear. Even the ladies enjoy our Kenilworth Karting Track, with their best times being only slightly slower than that of the best time.

Our venue comes complete with food and refreshments, pool tables, other games and parking spaces for over 100 vehicles. The circuit comprises a 310 meter track, 140cc GP karts for our junior riders, helmets, disposable hair nets and photo prints of every race. Our track is also a complete replica of Killarney Race Track and all riders are given a full safety briefing prior to venturing out onto the track. There is a minimum height restriction for all riders of 1.6 meters.

Our most popular group booking option is available for between 12 and 18 riders. This is the simplest and most inexpensive option available at Kenilworth Karting. Each rider gets two ten-lap races with the final fastest six getting to compete in the final round of 15 full laps. The fastest drivers are worked out by computerised lap timers.
We are fully flexible with our parties and can tailor options according to individual needs, we can even schedule your event outside of our usual open hours should you wish. Please note that weekend bookings need to be paid for in full prior to the day and you will be charged for the number of people that you book for.

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