Welcome to Bugz Playpark, the place your kids will never be bored. Bugz Playpark advocates learning through play as its an essential part of children’s emotional and intellectual well-being. The more kids play, the smarter the become so that one day they will grow into strong and confident adults.

The playground is designed with the heart of play in mind and there are a multitude of activities for kids to build muscle, problem solve and imagine. In full, the activities within the park develop children social skills, imagination, cognitive skills, motor skills and provides a great outlet for pent up energy and extra exercise.

They also make it easy for parents too, with sign all about the park explaining exactly where you need to go. So at Bugz Playpark, say goodbye to the boring indoors and hello to fun.

Activities at Bugz Playpark

Bugz Playpark is the ultimate destination for squeals of laughter and riveting rides that will get your kids hearts pumping. Their rides are open on weekends, public school holidays as well as public holidays and they have a bucket load of fun to offer. Their rides include the choo choo train, swing horses, bikes, rowing boats, sandpits, slides, monkey bars, jungle gyms and a whole lot more. Check their website for the full list.

They also know how important it is for kids to interact with animals, and they have cute, happy creatures at Megan’s Petting Farm, a wonderful child friendly petting zoo within the park. Kids get to meet goats, tortoises, bunnies, geese, ducks and even parrots at Megan’s Petting Farm, and are able to feed them as well. Please note that there is an additional charge for entry into the petting farm.

Kids parties at Bugz Playpark

Yes, they offer this too! Kids parties at Bugz Playpark are a blast and they have an impressive range of options and themes for you and your kids to choose from. They offer both indoor and outdoor kids party areas so be sure to contact them directly for more information, availability and pricing.

So don’t delay, let your kids play, laugh and learn at Bugz Playpark, where fun is around every corner.

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