Welcome to the Cooking Kitchen, a fun and informative cooking party venue for kids. All the cooking classes expose kids to food prep, cooking equipment and heat, whilst teaching them some very important life skills.

In each class your birthday baby will prepare an age appropriate dish along with their friends.

Each child is provided their own work station, fully equipped with all ingredients and utensils that will be used to cook on the day. What’s more, all recipes are supplied and we encourage our young chefs to bring along a file so that they too can start their very own recipe book!

All the kids are encouraged to have fun whilst cooking and are able to take home all their makings for the rest of the family to enjoy as well. We take great care in accommodating kid’s dietary preferences and can cater for Halal, Vegan and Vegetarian diets as well. 

Kids Parties at The Cooking Kitchen

The Cooking Kitchen hosts magical and fun cooking parties that promote teamwork and encourage creativity and multi-sensory stimulation. They are loads of fun for kids as they work individually, or in small groups of two or three, alleviating pressure and stress.  

All parties are hosted in the Cooking Kitchen Studio, which is fully equipped and supervised by the professional chefs, allowing parents to enjoy a stress-free party.

There are various options and themes available for the kids to enjoy, including but not limited to:

Chocolate making: Teaching kids how to make chocolate, melting chocolate, making creamy filling and even glazing in a mirror glaze! Kids make approx... 10-15 chocolates per person.

Mac and cheese: Another great option is for kids to make their own mac and cheese lunch.

Coloured cakes: This party option allows kids to make their own multi coloured cake. Themes include unicorn, marvel or animal spa mud bath cakes.

Gingerbread house: what can be more fun than kids making their very own gingerbread house? This is why we provide children the opportunity to make their very own house, and learn some fun icing techniques at the same time.

Pancakes: Kids are allowed to express themselves creatively with the exciting pancake making class. They experiment with different colour pancake batter to create fun and tasty food art like no other.

Spanish rice paella with chicken and peas: For a more cultured class, children learn how to make delicious paella that even parents will enjoy!

Currently, the party costs R280 per child and last approx. two hours.

Most classes at The Cooking Kitchen are hosted by Yolanda Duxbury, who is a qualified clinical nutritionist. As a mother herself, she completely understands the importance of selecting the right dishes and choosing foods that children want to eat.

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