Art Jamming - Jozi Party Venue

Welcome to Art Jamming in Melrose Arch, where kids can paint and have a blast at your child’s next birthday party! With us we remove all the stress and fuss of organising a birthday party by providing a safe environment where kids can be creative. We also encourage the kids to clean up after the party ends so to promote positive childhood development.

With us, the cost of your party is determined by the size and the number of canvasses you choose (we require a minimum of one canvas per guest attending the party.)

The price of the canvas, (per party child) includes:

  • Studio time at our Art Jamming studio in Melrose Arch
  • Use of: our famous buffet of non-toxic acrylic paint, brushes, aprons, and all the tools they would require to create their artwork.

At Art Jamming, the first 10 minutes of the party is spent demonstrating the various brushes we use & how they create different paint techniques. All staff are fully qualified artists which ensures that all the kids receive the best guidance and are well looked after.

Parties of 10 or more will enjoy a 5% discount on stretched boxed canvases. Each Child also receives a Party Pack which consists of an Apple Juice, packet of Lightly Salted Lays Chips and a packet of biscuits. All you would need to bring is the birthday cake, or any additional catering you might require. Please note that we don’t provide any catering equipment or utensils, please bring your own along.

Artjamming Party Invitations are included in the overall costs and can be collected from the store. We will only offer exclusive use of our studio for groups larger than 25 and this must be arranged in advance.

At our establishment, there are 2 types of canvases to choose from for your party:

Canvas Panel:

This flat canvas panel can be mounted on a wall or easily framed. These are better suited to very young children between the ages of 5-7. The children usually spend about 45 minutes painting on these special canvases. We recommended a total party time of about 60-90 minutes.

Boxed Canvas Panel:

This is a sturdy framed canvas panel that can be hung on the wall and does not need to be framed. They come in a variety of 14 different sizes. They are available as pre-printed canvases which is great if your child has a theme for their party. We ensure to print according to your requirements.

In order to reserve your party date at Art Jamming, parties need to be booked no less than 2 weeks in advance and the number attending need to be finalised 3 days prior.

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