The Lory Park animal and owl sanctuary is a boutique zoo situated conveniently between Johannesburg and Pretoria, in the Midrand area. The zoo is a wonderful place where kids can interact with animals and appreciate them up close.

The Lory Park animal and own sanctuary was established by Philippus Van Eeck, an avid animal lover who spent most of his life collecting pets and cacti. His dream was to create a bird park similar to those in Europe like the Loro Parque in Tenerife. Today the Lory Park Zoo is over 10 hectares with well managed enclosures and wonderful walkways

Lory Park Zoo Kids

At Lory Park Zoo we offer kids a great outdoor adventure where they can have fun whilst enjoying the wonders of nature. We offer a jumping castle and play area as well as a wide range of entertainment throughout the day including:

  • Ambassador animals- kids can interact with fun and exciting creatures including snakes, tortoises, hedgehogs and even bearded dragons!
  • Owls- a fantastic experience for kids and adults alike, interact with our owls during their feeding times.
  • Big cats- watch the big cats devour their meals!
  • Bunny feeding and petting – buy a packet of bunny food and let your kids feed the bunnies and have some fun.
  • For an extra fee let your kids get up close and personal with our baby cubs.


At Lory Park Zoo every donation helps and is greatly appreciated by our team. The zoo is maintained by casual workers, volunteers and Mr Van Eeck himself so any additional support is much welcome. If you are in a position to donate any form of material goods (sand, bricks, electrical fittings, etc.) please think of us, it will be greatly received and appreciated.

For a fun day out in nature, bring your kids and the whole family along to Lory Park Zoo! We are situated in President Park, Midrand.

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