Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens

Welcome to the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, where Eagles soar and kids run free! We are a child friendly national park situated in Roodepoort has been a popular family venue for outings since the 1800s! We have also been voted the best place in Gauteng to get back to nature for 9 solid years in a row!

At the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens, our vegetation is known as the Rocky Highveld Grassland and consists of much grassland and savanna, with dense bush and many streams. We are home to over 600 natural plant species. We are also home to the Verreaux’s Eagles nest on the cliffs along our beautiful waterfall. There are also many reptiles and smaller mammals such as jackals and antelope which reside in the reserve.

Enjoy the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens with your kids

Come to our beautiful gardens to escape the bustle of the noisy city and look out at our beautiful natural vegetation and surrounds. Please ensure that you and your kids wear suitable footwear for outdoors so that you leave only your footprints behind. Come and enjoy a lovely family picnic with us, but ensure to abide by our ‘Picnic in and litter out’ policy. We expect our patrons to be sensitive to the environment and remove all rubbish accumulated after the visit.

Please note that the Walter Sisulu botanical gardens are a very important conservation area and thus we regret we do not allow the following: Bats, balls, bikes, kites, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, Frisbees, scooters, fires, gas braais, musical devices or dogs and cats.

Most of our garden is also wheelchair friendly from the main entrance.


At the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens we are home to the majestic Eagles fare restaurant. The establishment is the perfect place to bring your children for a stunning breakfast or lunch should you wish to not picnic in the gardens.

As a child friendly restaurant, Eagles Fare offers a full kids menu with delicious meals such as beef or chicken burgers, pizzas, Vienna’s, grilled steaks and salads. For dessert ice cream and milkshakes are on offer.

Every Sunday the restaurant serves a stunning Sunday Buffet Lunch which changes every weekend, but basically includes rolls, veggies, roast meats, desserts and more. There are set prices for adults and children based on their age.

Come and enjoy the majestic beauty that is the Walter Sisulu Botanical gardens and get back to nature with your kids.

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