Kloofendal Nature Reserve

Welcome to Kloofendal! We are an open conservation that focuses on maintaining the Kloofendal Nature Reserve. We offer a wide range of fun activities in our reserve, including picnicking, walking and hiking. At Kloofendal we offer stunning nature walks to keep you and your kids entertained for hours. Our fun walks include:

  • Art from Nature: This amazing experience allows children to be taken into the Reserve to collect plants, rocks and other which they then turn into their own arts and crafts.
  • Bat evening: We host an annual bat evening courtesy of the Gauteng & Northern Regions Bat Interest Group which your kids will love!
  • Bird walks: Our Brid walks are suitable for kids and parents, no matter how much you know or don’t know about birds.
  • Bundu Bash Adventure: This is a fantastic rough adventure walk through the Kloofendal Nature Reserve, be sure that you and your kids wear the correct shoes.
  • Bush food: Bring the kids along and enjoy some wild fruits, tea, coffee and a selection of jams from the Reserve.
  • Butterflies: Very popular with the kids, catch and study butterflies under the supervision of our experienced guide.
  • Frogs: Learn about the wonderful frogs in the reserve and go out at night to find them, another hit with the kids!
  • Fungi: Fungi comes in many shapes and sizes, learn all about it and why Fungi is so important in nature. Geology: Learn all about the history of our land, including earthquakes, molten rocks and how Johannesburg became rich in gold.
  • Gold mine: We are home to the majestic Struben mine, learn how this mine in particular changed the history of South Africa.
  • Kid’s gold mine: Another hit with the kids. Kids get to explore different mine tunnels at our Struben mine & even have the opportunity to pan for gold.
  • Scorpions & spiders: We are home to a wide range of spiders and scorpions, our professional guides will show you how to find and respect them.

Over and above this we offer a range of team building activities as well as evening star gazing, which is also a fantastic experience for the whole family.

As all our walks are very popular, we strongly suggest you book in advance prior to coming to the reserve to secure your slot with our professional guides.

Don’t delay, Kloofendal is waiting for you- bring the family along and experience a great day out in nature with our family.

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